Get tips
by card
Convenient for guest and employee
Tipping by QR code fast and safe
Absolutely free for business
Tilda Publishing
For everyone who receives
tips and donation
Beauty masters and stylists
Stick the QR code on the mirror or put up a table tent in the reception area
Waiters and bartenders
Place the QR code on your business card or table tent or simply show it to the guest from your phone
Couriers and order pickers
Attach a business card, flyer or invoice with a QR code to your order upon delivery
Refuellers and auto mechanics
Place the tip-by-card QR code on your business card, patch or badge on your uniform.
Taxi drivers
Place the QR code on the tip in the car - stick stickers with the QR code on the front panel or backs of the seats
Bloggers, artists
and musicians
Accept donations and targeted donations on the website, blog and social networks
Tipping from your phone using a QR code to your card is fast, safe and you want to leave more often
* according to internal research Star Tip Company
leave a tip at least occasionally*
of guests
couldn't find cash to tip *
of guests
usually consists of tips *
of earnings
How it works
The client enters the amount
and confirms the payment
Money instantly
credited to the recipient's account
The client scans the code or follows the link
The recipient is registered
in the service and receives a personal QR code or link
Service and hospitality improvement tool
Additional earnings for employees
Absolutely free for business
tips for
Manager's personal account
With detailed analytics, the ability to register employees, customize the general page of the institution and personal pages for paying tips
Feedback from visitors
Keep track of the loyalty of your customers, analyze ratings and reviews for the institution, the menu and the quality of service in order to bring the service to a new level.
Unlimited possibilities
You can connect an unlimited number of companies to the service and add employees to each of them. At the same time, statistics can be generated both for all institutions and employees as a whole and for each separately.
Even better in the app!
Receiving payouts within the app is even more convenient! Enjoy the smooth expirience and get even more features.

Track all receipts, create and customize your personal payment links, receive instant notifications for all transactions.

All the information you need is always at hand!
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